Why Grade Sponsorship?

By joining 12 sponsors to a grade, Lemuel is able to meet the unique educational need on the Plateau without undermining self-respect or creating unhealthy dependence.

Here’s how it works …

School Sponsorship

1. You help educate a generation …

Children are educated, meals are provided, hope is born, faith is founded

Plateau community

2. … which impacts the community …

Community pride, economic benefit, hope flourishes, families stay together

EML teacher and students

3. … and in turn changes lives

Encourages teachers, employment helps family, hope is shared, released to teach with love

Now that’s a return!

Each grade consists of 12 sponsorship blocks of $40 each per month. If you would like to help sponsor a grade, you can do so individually or as a group. You can choose which grade(s) you would like to sponsor along with the number of blocks you would like.

Below are the available sponsorship blocks:

Kindergarten 1 (age 3):  4 blocks

Kindergarten 2 (age 4):  2 blocks

Kindergarten 3 (age 5):  4 blocks

Grade 1:  3 blocks

Grade 2:  3 blocks

Grade 3:  5 blocks

Grade 4:  5 blocks

Grade 5:  4 blocks

Grade 6:  2 blocks

Grade 7:  5 blocks

Grade 8:  5 blocks

Grade Sponsorship Info Package

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Number of Blocks Per Grade (required)
Each block is $40 each per month.

Desired Increments (required)

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Yes, I understand that my sponsorship donation should be sent through Extreme Response and specified for EML Sponsorship.


EML School Girl

What is EML?

Ecole Mixte Lemuel, or EML, is Lemuel’s kindergarten and elementary school. It is an extension of the Lemuel ministries. Lemuel is a faith-based organization that works in Haiti’s most desolate and neglected area: the Northwest. Within this context, Lemuel seeks to impact and improve lives by addressing the full breadth of poverty and investing in people as whole beings. Through EML, Lemuel is striving to improve education for the marginalized children of Grand Diable and surrounding communities to a level comparable with the more exclusive schools in Haiti.


of girls over six never go to school


of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade


will abandon school before sixth grade


of all teachers lack adequate training; with less than a 12th grade education


of the population is unable to read or write

*Plateau estimates are even higher than this data of Haiti as a whole

What is Extreme Response?

Extreme Response International is an organization that partners with Lemuel and acts as a fiscal agent on Lemuel’s behalf. Lemuel is a Haitian organization, and is not registered as a non-profit in the United States or Canada. Extreme Response provides donating structures and tax-deductible receipts that Lemuel is not able to offer to donors. Extreme Response keeps only a 10% administration fee, and forwards the rest of the funds directly to Lemuel. Lemuel provides detailed financial reporting to Extreme Response to account for funds received.

How to Set Up Your Donation

To set up your donation for the Lemuel Grade Sponsorship Program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to extremeresponse.org.
  2. Click on the button that says “Change a Life. Donate Now.”
  3. Follow the instructions that you find for your preferred method of giving.