The story….

The people on the Plateau have talked about having a tractor for many, many years. Such a piece of equipment could do wonders in a drought-stricken farming community obliged to depend on manual labor alone. Gardens, canals, rain-water catchment holes–the people dreamed of all a tractor could do. Recently, they decided to take initiative themselves, and began giving out of the little that they have to a collective fund. Some gave money, some gave animals to be sold for proceeds. It might take years and the help of others to collect enough, but they were determined to begin.

Then, Hurricane Matthew roared through. Gardens–people’s livelihood–were either obliterated altogether or filled in with mud and rock past all hope of being cleaned out by hand. There was now water running down from the mountains, but the canals to carry it were destroyed. Roads were impassible. Most of the water was unable to be conserved, because there were not enough rain-water catchment holes. The need for a tractor became even more apparent and urgent…

A tractor on the Plateau would…


Restore the livelihood of families after Hurricane Matthew by cleaning out gardens hopelessly filled with rocks and mud.

Gardens are how people provide for their families–how they pay their children’s school fees, provide food for their families, and pay for a visit to the doctor.







Enlarge existing rainwater-catchment holes and quickly dig new ones.

The Plateau suffers extreme drought.  There are two water holes in the community.  They have been dug by hand over several years using pick-axes and shovels.  When the drought is at its worst, they are often the sole, sustaining water source.





Dig deeper, longer, stronger canals to bring water from the mountains to people’s gardens.

A huge system of canals–some of them over 6 feet deep–serve as the life-line for the gardens, bringing rain water down from the mountains.






Prepare eroded land for reforestation.

It is hard to believe that there used to be food-supplying gardens here.





…and more!


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