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The City of God

A documentary featuring Lemuel ministries


The City of God is a feature-length documentary that explores the story of Lemuel and how they seek to develop their community in rural northwest Haiti. 

This film is designed to give you a glimpse into the life and mentality of the leadership of this organization, how they prioritize the dignity of the local people, and how they are led by Haitians and for Haitians. Follow Manis on his journey out of poverty and back to his people to work for the restoration, hope and dignity of this unique community.


With this documentary, experience for yourself how Lemuel and the people of The Plateau work together to develop their area into a place where people are proud to live and are empowered to help not only themselves but others as well.


Nate Sheppard - Director, Composer, Cinematographer

Nate Sheppard is a multimedia creative with a focus on video and music production. Based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Nate was the 2019 recipient of the Northern Arts Council’s Individual Artist Grant and has worked on a wide range of projects including creating an online arts festival, producing cinematic poems and dance films, designing escape rooms and multimedia installations, and performing music on stage and online.

He is passionate about innovation, education and collaboration, so if you are interested in connecting, please reach out.

For more information, please visit To view the documentary on YouTube, please click here.

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