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École Mixte Lemuel (EML) is where Lemuel’s passion for education is lived out each day.  


Our aim is that our students (age 3- Grade 9) would leave EML with 4 things:


  1. An understanding of who God is, what he has done for them through Jesus Christ, and His purpose for their lives.

  2. A quality academic education that prepares them to excel in higher education or a trade – as they so choose.

  3. A love for their country, a respect for authority, and an ability to bring positive change wherever they end up.

  4. A love of the written word, an ability to read with ease and understanding, and a passion for learning through 


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Education in our community carries many unique challenges (see below). At times our goals feel unattainable. 

We recognize that it will take generations to fully achieve them.  But we believe that the journey is worth it. 

We believe that by the grace of God and with hard work, dedication, and investment in people, we can provide an excellent education for our students.  But we can’t do it alone.  Grade Sponsorship is a way in which others can join with us in this endeavor.  Learn more here 

"We have a long way to go, but we have come so far. Today our second graders are reading (French) and understanding what they read. Seven years ago our sixth graders struggled with that.

- Wilnique Metayer

Teacher since 2012

Investing in our teachers

Teachers are the heart and soul of any school. It is our teachers who spend the most time with our students. It is their attitudes toward life and learning that our students will emulate. It is their words, actions, passion, enthusiasm, and skill that will provide the education we dream of.

We believe that the more we train and empower our teachers, the better the education our students will receive.  Weekly training sessions delve into subjects such as pedagogy and teaching methods, why we teach the subjects that we teach (eg. why is grammar important?), values we must live out and disciplines we must model, becoming better leaders, teamwork and cooperation, bringing fun into learning, and much more.

  1. French is the language of education in Haiti but children in our community hear and speak only Creole outside of school.  We are not simply teaching a second language.  We are teaching in a language the children are only beginning to learn and that they are socially conditioned to fear.

  2. Extreme poverty - Drought, crop pests, desertification, erosion, natural disasters and many other factors have left the people of our community struggling to survive. In a recent newspaper article, a journalist from Port-au-Prince contended that the misery in Anse-Rouge is worse than death.

  3. Lack of human resources - not many qualified and passionate teachers are up for the challenge of working in one of the most difficult areas of their country. 

  4. Inflation, instability, and insecurity in the country as a whole. This has caused a general sense of discouragement and hopelessness throughout the country.

  5. A lack of stimulating resources created for this context.

  6. Limited time for homework and studies – many of our students must work hard in the early mornings and afternoons to help their families.

  7. An educational culture of rote memorization without understanding (because of challenge #1) or critical thinking.


Below are some of the many challenges we face in education:

2018-2019 EML Staff. 

Racial Non-discrimination Policy: Lemuel’s school EML does not discriminate on the basis of race either in its acceptance of students or in its hiring practices.

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