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Our Founder

Founder and General Director

As founder and general director of Lemuel, Manis casts the vision and sets the direction for the organization.  He then passionately invests in our department directors and other staff members, empowering them to flesh out the vision of Lemuel in concrete ways every day.  Manis is also passionate about restoring the land and plays an active role in reforestation, improving agriculture, and finding ways to combat the dry conditions that threaten the livelihoods of the people.  To read more of Manis's story, click here.


Director of Development

Williamso was born and raised on the Plateau and became part of Lemuel in eighth grade.  After completing his education and helping in a variety of roles, he became the director of the development department in 2016.  In addition to overseeing the development staff and daily activities, he is responsible for all community projects and income generating endeavors.  Williamso sees beyond the immediate and thinks about what can be done today that will make a difference ten years into the future. He loves people and has a heart to see those in his community not just survive but thrive.

Development Team

Development Department Administrative Team

Development Department Team


Director of École Mixte Lemuel


As a youth, Almaïs got involved with Lemuel's soccer program in the early days in Port-au-Prince and has been with us ever since.  In 2008, he came to the Plateau to help with the ministry for a year.  After completing university in Port-au-Prince, he returned to the Plateau in 2014 to work in the finance office. He accepted the role of school director in September 2015. Almais's strong administrative skills and passion to see the school excel have been instrumental in the growth and progress of the school in the last few years.


École Mixte Lemuel Administrative Team

École Mixte Lemuel Team

École Mixte Lemuel Kitchen Directors 

École Mixte Lemuel Kitchen Directors and Cooks

Education Team


Head of Support Office & Campus Maintenance

Dadithe has been involved with Lemuel in various capacities for many years.  She started working in the support office in 2017.  She showed such great capability to manage the  the campus that she quickly became responsible for the support staff and campus maintenance.  In addition to keeping the campus clean, beautiful, and properly functioning, Dadithe and her smiling staff help to welcome visitors and ensure that they have a comfortable stay.

Support Office Staff


Campus Team

Haiti Administrative Team


General Secretary


Krischelle first visited the Plateau in 2005 as part of an internship with Lemuel.  She returned to work with Lemuel in Haiti in 2010. Currently, she serves on the administrative team as the General Secretary, overseeing finances and main communications.  She is also involved in growing new trees and plants and experimenting with creative ideas to generate income in the community. 


Assistant Bookkeeper, Leader of Girl's Ministries

Native to the Plateau, Josiane has been heavily involved in Lemuel's activities since she was a child. She began working for Lemuel in 2015.  Since then, she has grown from Office Assistant, to School Secretary and Bookeeper to Krischelle's Administrative Assistant. In this role, she takes care of the day to day financial transactions and much more. Josiane also has a heart to see other girls and women know God and develop useful skills. On her own initiative, she has organized and headed up a program to reach out to young ladies of various ages who live in the community.


General Support, Advisor to École Mixte Lemuel

Judy began working for Lemuel in its early days in Port-au-Prince as a leader of kid's club.  In 2006, she and Manis were married.  She serves on the administrative team and plays a vital advisory and training role in Lemuel's school. Judy also helps with design in both construction projects and Lemuel publications.

Overseas Support Team


International Relations


In 2017, Brad and Danyel Brunsch moved to the Plateau with their five children in order to support and assist the ministry of Lemuel on the ground.  After a year and a half of getting to know Lemuel and Haiti on a deeper level, they were perfectly equipped to serve as Lemuel's representatives in the United States.  In January 2019, the Brunsches moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to reinforce Lemuel's home base there.  As part of the administration, Brad's primary responsibilities include communicating and coordinating with donors and short term teams.  Brad and Danyel also take care of various errands and details in North America.


Grade Sponsorship


Jenny was first introduced to Lemuel way back in 1996, when it was first getting started in Port-au-Prince.  Today, Jenny graciously volunteers her time to Lemuel, coordinating the details of our grade sponsorship program, keeping track of donations, communicating with sponsors, and making sure information stays updated.  She also sends a few mailings for Lemuel to donors in North America.  If you are a sponsor or a donor, you have probably received a hand-written note from Jenny!


Water Solutions Coordinator


Rick has been a friend of Lemuel since his first visit to the Plateau in 2010. During his frequent trips to the Plateau, he serves as a “Jack of all trades,” helping with construction, projects, and our overwhelming vehicle and general maintenance needs.  As Lemuel’s water solutions coordinator, Rick is responsible from the US side for research and evaluation of potential water solutions, as well as for related communications.



David and Ginger have been with Lemuel since it was just a crazy idea in Manis's mind. Ginger encouraged Manis's dream, and eventually co-founded Lemuel with him in 1996. She labored faithfully for many years to support him in the ministry God entrusted to him.

Dave and Ginger continue to offer invaluable support, counsel, and encouragement to the Lemuel team from the United States. In addition, Dave serves as the US accountant and is instrumental in the loading and shipping of vehicles. Ginger uses her experience as a community nurse to assist with medical teams and situations. Both Dave and Ginger travel to Haiti periodically, investing in the Lemuel staff through discipleship and training. 

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