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A New Year Has Begun!

Thank you all again for your prayers during the Seminar last week. Pastor Marcus did a great job and there were some good discussions. On Friday, guest speaker Gela Cupidon, spoke about seeing education as a job and a career, not as a pastime. She also encouraged the teachers to become true professionals, not just a group of young men and women who happen to have a job.

All of the teachers signed their contracts at the end of the week and on Monday the school year officially began. I will be posting more pictures of the school in session soon, but until then, I would like to introduce you to our school staff…

Osselet Lilite

School Director

Patricia Fatal

Administrator & Secretary

Wiltha Belizaire

Kindergarten 3 Teacher

Kindergarten Supervisor

Lovelie JnFrancois

Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Kattia Amazan

Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Andiose Saint-Ange

First Grade Teacher

David Calixte

Second Grade Teacher

Bergeline Joseph

Third Grade Teacher

Thony Amady

Fourth Grade Teacher

Guillaume Oltin

Fifth Grade Teacher

Wilnique Metayer

Sixth Grade Teacher

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