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A simple question…

I figured I had missed an opportunity of sharing with the workers today. After leaving the first group, I arrived at the site of the second group. It was another very hot day, with thorns jumping around everywhere as the team worked. A simple prayer came from my heart, “Lord, if you want to use me, then help!” Greetings were shared as I approached. I tried to ask the group about their morning, and I stumbled over every word. Disappointed, I looked up and said, “My head and my mouth having a hard time working together.” One young man, who had shown interest in other conversations we’ve had, said, “Well, Creole is not your first language.” “Ahhh” I said, “I have a hard time with English too.” He laughed, then stopped and leaned against his hoe, “Miss Bonita, can I ask you a question? Why did God make so many languages?”

The door opened with that simple question, and right then I was able to pick up on the story of creation, sin entering the world with Adam, why we had to labour, and then the tower of Babel. “Man wanted a way to get to God. So they gathered themselves together and built a tower that would reach the heavens.” As I shared, I noticed the words were starting to flow.

“Can man get to God on their own?”

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know, Miss.”

“Man’s sin separated them from God, but God made a way for man be with God again.  Do you know how God did that?”

“No Miss” responded the man again.

“When God saw that man was trying to get to him, he put different languages in their mouths. How do you think their work went after that?”

Several others in the work group laughed as they listened, while another responded “IT WOULD STOP, and you would have to leave the work!”

“That’s right.” I said, “And that’s what happened. God wanted the world filled with people, not just all sitting in one spot. The world was to be enjoyed and filled with worshipers of him.”

I looked directly at the young man who asked me the question, “Do you want to know the way that God made for man to find him again?”

“Yes, I do!”

Tomorrow, we will continue the conversation. Will you pray that hearts will be ready to receive and not just hear?

Published by: Bonita Sparling

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