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A visit from Brad and David

Mid-February, we recieved a visit from Brad and a new Lemuel friend, David. This was David's first time to Haiti. Although they flew into Port-au-Prince and then took a small plane to the Palteau, they had an unexpected luggage adventure trip to Cape Haitian...I will spare you the mind-boggling, infuriating airline mess-up details. Let's just say that as a result, David got an in-depth, first time experience of the roads, not to mention Haiti airport customs (as in "customs and immigration").

At least the view was nice...

They also assessed the tractor for Derek (see future blog post), figured out the workings of a donated water filtration system, and went with us to visit Ti Karenaj.

Ti Karenaj is the nearby community where we normally get our water by truck. We have been in the process for a second partnership, but it has been constantly delayed due to many factors, including country lockdown. More about that sometime soon. We went to visit the site where the second well was drilled. Two brothers--Pastor Sauveur and Nesly--have an inspiring story of leading in their community and showing what is possible against all odds.

On his way home, Brad had a second road trip adventure to go see Mezou in the Domincan Republic and represent all of us at his graduation from university!!

We are so proud of him! (Mezou, that is...although we are proud of Brad too!)

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