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Aftermath of Thomas

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying. By God’s grace Port-au-Prince was spared the strong winds and torrential rains that were forecasted. We praise Him for His hand of protection there.

Unfortunately the Plateau wasn’t so fortunate. This morning as Manis took stock of the extent of the damage, young and old alike said they have never witnessed winds so strong – and this is not the first hurricane they have seen. Most of the houses were stripped of their mud, leaving gaping holes in the sides. But more seriously, people lost their livelihoods – their gardens.

Though we did get rain, by God’s grace, it was not enough to swell the ravine and wipe out the gardens and the soil, as happened during Ike and Hannah. But this time the wind destroyed almost as much. Almost everything that had begun to grow in the gardens was destroyed. Plantains and unripened corn and millet stalks lay on the ground… the fruit, too young to be eaten, is of no use.

Please continue to pray. The people here are so used to setbacks and difficulties, they just shake their heads sadly and prepare to start over. I know God is in control and we are never out of His gracious grip, but it is hard to fight discouragement. Our own garden that was destroyed in the last hurricanes was finally beginning to bear fruit again. It was just beautiful. Now it has once again been flattened. If I feel such discouragement, when I don’t depend on it for food and income, how must so many others feel as they see their months and years of work, their hope for feeding their family and sending their children to school – destroyed.

Though we don’t understand why or how, we pray and trust that God will use this, as He does all circumstances, to bring glory to Himself. Please pray with us.

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