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Another story worth sharing...

Behind the scenes footage: Williamso shares on film the heart and the approach of Lemuel's development department.

Like Josiane, Williamso is a Plateau native. He became involved in Lemuel as a youth, eventually getting a job in the school. Noticing his integrity of character and keen intelligence, Lemuel decided to sponsor his university study through the generosity of a donor.

Returning to the Plateau four years later, Williamso continued to quietly and steadily prove his capabilities. Although he was at first less well-known than some of our other staff members, he was rock solid. Manis began working closely with him and discipling him.

Since becoming the Director of Development in 2016, he has demonstrated remarkable vision and leadership capacity, even earning the respect of community leaders many years older than himself. He also has a genuine love for people. Last year, despite an already full plate, he began a program reaching out to boys and young men in the area who desperately needed someone to invest in their lives. He wants to see them know God, learn useful skills for their lives, value their community and their country, and work hard for the development of both.

Williamso is full of heart and passion for people and for his community. He has a big vision to lead and influence others to work hard in unity, dignity, and respect to develop their community and country. He is developing young Haitian men as leaders who will influence still others in the same way.

We are sharing his story and others like it through the documentary project.

We hope it will encourage those who already partner with us and will inspire others to join us.

We hope it will make a difference in how people SEE and reach out to those in need around them.

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