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Bye, bye, worms!

Christmas/New Year’s vacation is over, and the kids are back!

We are kicking off the return to school with something we’ve never been able to do before: offer free deworming to all the kids!

I remember as a small child being rather disconcerted when my best friend told me not to bite my nails, because I could get worms.  I was horrified!  How could a person have worms inside them?!

But in Haiti, you probably don’t have to bite your nails to get them…trust me, we’ve all got ’em.  Worms are one of the most common causes of stomach aches, especially among children.

Thanks to a donation from Kelly Heise, who came to the school to do the hygiene training, we were able to buy enough deworming medicine for the kids (as well as our staff).

Parents were informed in advance and had to sign off with their permission.

Josiane is in charge of keeping track to ensure that each child takes their pill twice a day for three days.

Hopefully, this will resolve a lot of those tummy aches.  We feel blessed with the chance to help our kids stay healthy this way!

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