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Day by Day: Fri, Mar 29

(English follows) Zòn nou pa gen dlo. Ann mete men ansanm pou nou chanje sa. N'ap travay di avèk dinite. N'ap pran responsabilite pa nou pou kominote pa nou. N'ap sèvi ak tout fòs, entelijans, e kapasite ke Bondye ban nou. (Tout glwa a se pou li menm sèlman.) Pou moman sa, se tèt dwat nan fouye maka. Nou p'ap dekouwaje!

Our area doesn't have water. Let's join our hands to change that! We will work hard with dignity. We will take responsibility for our community. We will use all the strength, intelligence, and capacity God has given us. (All the glory is for Him alone.) For the moment, our focus is on digging rain water catchment holes. We won't be discouraged!

Today is the last in our Day by Day series, and we end on the same note we started: Water. Water is a daily matter. Life revolves around it. Seeking water solutions for our community is a big part of our day by day. These pictures are the beginning of a large rain water catchment project. We are excited about this one! It's a little bit different than others we have done before and is designed to hold a lot more water. I hope to show you "Before and After" one day!!

The impact of projects like this in our community is huge--it is immediate by providing families with jobs in the midst of an economic crisis, and it is long term by providing a water source that will help sustain everyone in the future. Sometimes, it is hard to convey just how far-reaching the impact is in a context like ours.

Let's just say, we're not just digging a hole. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT, and we need others to join with us.

To partner with us, consider a donation to "Water Solutions," so that we can keep digging!

(PS. You can read a lot more about Water Solutions here, and more about the Temporary Work programs here...they often go hand in hand.)

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