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Day by Day: Mon, Feb11

It was a stressful weekend as we evaluated and made decisions based on the erupting and unpredictable political tensions in our country. We postponed a group due to arrive today for a visit. And we were not at all sure about Gigi, Pastor Beerley, and Jane making it to Port-au-Prince for their flight home today. Thankfully, the pilot coming to pick them up on the Plateau successfully navigated the roads from his home to the airport. He got them to the international airport in time for their flight.

We also received word today that the Ministry of Education has announced that all schools are to close until the current unrest subsides. There are no riots or protests in our area, but they are concerned about the risks all over the country, since tensions are high.

We plan to make good use of the lost classroom time, however, so stay tuned!

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