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Day by Day: Mon, Mar 9

Three views from Monday:

View 1: The school has been given responsibility for the Lemuel garden. They are currently developing plans for a space that can be used both for educational purposes as well as for community activities. (That's Almaïs, Judy, and Manis in the picture discussing dreams for the future use of the land.) Their first event will be a recreational day this Friday!

View 2: Uh, this definitely is not a daily fact, I think it's the first time a helicopter has ever landed on our airstrip. It was a surprise pick up of foreign passengers overseeing a project in a nearby community.

View 3: DDL has a new block machine for the cement block business! The old one was totally kaput. Thanks to a donation from a partner, we were able to get a new machine, which is vital to the jobs of several men, as well as the entry of extra funding for development outreach in the community.

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