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Day by Day: Wed, Jan 30

Sorry for another vehicle picture, but…well, we look at our vehicles a lot. The Ford water truck has its new tires, and was supposed to go for water today. Unfortunately, when Wenson was verifying the state of the vehicle, he discovered that the right, rear leaf spring was broken. This despite the fact that it just came from Gonaives, where they were supposed to have done a thorough check and repair of the truck. It means yet another trip to the city to look for another part. And the truck cannot run in the meantime.

Today was cloudy and drizzly. It is impossible not to hope when the clouds pile up and darken, even though you know they have left you dry countless times before. No significant rain fell, but we pray it will in the coming days. Some things are sure: We know God sees us. We know He has a plan. We know He’s good. And so we work and wait with faith.

This afternoon, I (Krischelle) came upon Kindergarten 3 teacher Elysia spending some time after school to help a small group of students with their reading. Our Kindergarten teachers and staff encourage us daily with their dedication and solidarity and their own personal thirst for learning.

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