Ecole Mixte Lemuel: 2014-2015 Class Pictures

And here it is, the promised post of this year’s school classes! You may notice quite a few new faces among the teachers.

Get ready for tons of adorableness!

Kindergarten 1

Wins the prize for: Most impossible to get everyone looking, smiling, and standing still at the same time

Believe it or not, there are actually EIGHT kids absent from this class today; there is a total of 23 students!

Teacher: Génièse Pierre

Génièse is from Source Chaude. This is her first year with us, and she has integrated very naturally with the veteran Kindergarten teachers.

Kindergarten Assistant: Nadège Louijuste

Nadège is back with us for her second year as Kindergarten assistant. She does such a great job, and the kids love her.

Kindergarten 2

Wins the prize for: Scariest smile (back row, left)

Teacher: Lovelie Jean-François

Lovelie is from Port-au-Prince, and is back with us for a third year.

Kindergarten 3

Runner up for: Scariest smile

Teacher: Wiltha Bélizaire

Wiltha is from Port-au-Prince, and has also returned for a third year, this time as the Kin. 3 teacher and the Kindergarten Supervisor.

First grade

Wins the prize for: First year in primary school!

Teacher: Simon Titus

This is Simon’s first year with us. He is from Anse-Rouge.

Second Grade

Wins the prize for: Widest grins

Teacher: Michelot Oscar

This is Michelot’s first year with us. He is from Port-au-Prince

Third GradeWins the prize for: Shyest class

Teacher: Obed Métayer

Of course, many of you know Obed, although this is his first year teaching for us. He is home-grown from the Plateau. Lemuel sponsored him through high school, and he has returned to the Plateau to teach for a year before pursuing higher education.

Fourth Grade

Wins the prize for: Happiest class

Teacher: Guillaume Oltin

Guillaume is from Anse-Rouge, and is back with us for a fourth year.

Fifth Grade

Wins the prize for: Most mischievous boys…both in number and degree. I think Mèt Ronyl has his hands full!

Teacher: Ronyl Joseph

This is Ronyl’s first year with us. He is from Anse-Rouge.

Sixth Grade

Wins the prize for: Brightest smiles! Not a straight face in the bunch.

Teacher: Wilnique Métayer

Wilnique has returned for a third year. This year he returns to sixth grade, after having taught a year of fifth grade.

School Director: Osselet Lilite

Osselet has no class of his own this year, but is serving as the school’s director. This is his fourth year with Lemuel.

Receptionist: Kerline Almonor

Kerline is from Anse-Rouge, and this is her first year with us. She was a huge help in getting the kids organized and smiling for these pictures!

Mme Carlo has been working on a monthly basis as the janitor and assistant to the kitchen. Mme Tiferne will be back to join her this month.

And here are our lovely cooks, Mme Wisly and Mme Bogi. These ladies continue to persevere in the heat and eye-watering smoke to provide the kids and teachers with a good, hot meal every day.

Today, bean sauce is on the menu.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Emmanuel Almaïs, as well (he goes mostly by his last name, Almaïs). Almaïs was one of Lemuel’s youth in Port-au-Prince. He studied accounting in university, and has filled in for the finance office before. This year, he has taken on a full-time position keeping Lemuel’s books, as well as developing a micro-finance program for the church and a soccer program for the school. We’re glad to have him on board.

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