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“Embrace the impossible…”

This week, the construction on the primary school building has been in full swing.  We are so thrilled and thankful to see this dream becoming a reality.  Lemuel’s co-founder, Ginger Muchmore, was there at the beginning, when Lemuel’s first school started under a tree.  Below, she shares her perspective looking back–a testimony to God’s power and faithfulness…


Easter is one time in the year when I am particularly homesick.  I love Easter in Haiti…. the victorious resurrection of our Savior is so radiant in the darkness of an animistic culture.  So, already emotional, it was no surprise to me when tears flowed freely as I opened Judy’s text.  Work is being done on the Lemuel school and Judy sent me pictures of what the finished school will look like. 

It is so beautiful!  So, why the tears?  Because as I looked at the pictures I remembered 22 years ago when we painted  electric wire spools to make school tables.  We had 15 kids and met under a tree. 

But Manis’ vision was bigger because He served a BIG GOD….  and here I was, looking at that vision come to life.  Knowing that over 100 students would learn not only academics but also the truths of God’s Word.   What an AWESOME God we serve. 

As I sit here in Lancaster, homesick for Haiti, I recognize that the same God who raised up this school is the God who is with me here.  I don’t have to settle into neutral.   I can embrace a vision and know that He is able to do above and beyond anything I could ever imagine.   

I trust as you look at these pictures that you will not settle for ordinary.  Our God is a God of the extraordinary.  So …..  embrace the impossible knowing that with God, all things are possible.  

A friend and engineer from Port-au-Prince arrived on Sunday with an experienced crew to begin construction on the top floor of the primary school building.

One of the perks of this project has been the chance for some of our young men to work alongside the foremen from Port-au-Prince.  It has been a joy for us to see the older, experienced men patiently sharing their expertise with our staff.

It takes a lot of prep work before the cement slab can be poured!  We’ll continue to share photos with periodic progress.

In the meantime, students have been moved to temporary classrooms…

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