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First Week of School!

First flag raising of the year!

School started on Monday, November 9th! Here are a few photos from the first week:

The Kindergarten 3 class talks about how glad they are to be back to school. Their class name is "The Arborists," hence the little trees they are holding.

Judy and the kindergarten teachers have worked very hard to create beautiful resources, and indeed, an entire new curriculum to make learning fun and contextually relatable for the kindergarten kids. It's pretty cool, and I hope to be able to tell you more about it soon.

First grade class = adorable.

This second grader is practicing her reading aloud. Teacher Simon, who is listening to and encouraging her, is new to the school this year.

Hard at work on math! (from the third grade)

Fourth grade English class. :)

The sixth grade class has great learning resource sections on their walls. (Sorry about the glaring window.)

A peep in through the window at the ninth grade class.


We need Grade Sponsors!

The education and other services (like a hot meal) that our students receivet are made possible by a partnership between our community and kind friends who support the school through our Grade Sponsorship Program. In this way, the parents and students "own" the responsibility for their education by paying school fees that are affordable to them, while at the same time receiving a quality of education far beyond their means.

We can't do it without the generous help of Grade Sponsors.

And we need more sponsors!

Please visit our Sponsor a Grade page for more information.

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