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Friday Morning

Last Friday I went over to the Lemuel campus early so I could get a picture of the hospitality staff before they got too involved in their work. Unfortunately, one of the ladies wasn’t there so I still don’t have a complete picture, but for now, here is our hospitality staff…

Instead of having “school kitchen ladies” and “Lemuel house ladies” and all of that,

we now have one Hospitality Staff. They are responsible for receiving everyone, from the school children, to people from the community, to teams and guests from in country or overseas, with a smile, joyful service and a heart of love.

Since Jinel is the only guy, I told them, half-jokingly, that they should hold him across them.

Well, they thought it was a great idea and this picture cracked me up so much that I had to share it.

By the time we finished the hospitality photo shoot, it was time for staff devotions so I went ahead and stayed for that. Every Friday morning the staff comes early so they can have devotions together. You can’t see all the staff in this picture, but they were all, or almost all, there!

After staff devotions the school day started with Friday morning chapel. The fourth and fifth grade were responsible for the program…

…and two of the students led.

Our “band” played as the two girls led the singing. The musicians are: Mezou on the keyboard, Andiose on the base and student Amison on the bongo drums.

I just LOVE the new uniforms!

In the back is Marion Swain. She and her husband Loring are with us for about 6 weeks.

Marion has been helping out in the Lemuel House and has been teaching Ani for a few hours each day. She was a teacher for many years and is certified to be a school principal.

I enjoy talking about education with her and how we can improve the school.

Poor Loring has been patiently trying to get some of our equipment back up and running… not an easy task! We are very much enjoying having Loring and Marion with us and appreciate their uprooting themselves to come spend some time here on the Plateau.

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