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growth, school roof and hard work …all in a weeks worth

this week on the plateau…

Trees were purchased to start planting in the new land that was purchased for Lemuel. Rains have come and we trust they will continue to come.

Mme Jak standing in her newly planted garden! We prayed with her that a harvest would come for this family and many other families who have planted.

Lemuel’s intern Jenna has transition from a staff position to student. She meets with Bonita for classes and is spending more time in the community learning from them. One of her projects this week was to finish the mural in the church. It’s completely changed the look of the church. Stay tuned for the finished product.

This week work started on the school roof to put the cement roof on the end.

We are enjoy the growth and new life that is popping up all around us. Manis, Judy, Ani and Samuel are in the US packing and shipping a bus that has been donated to Lemuel. Krischelle and Bonita are taking care of things back on the Plateau. The ‘crazy’ fever continues to spread in the community but we are seeing people recovering more quickly and many have been able to continue to work.

Thank you for praying!

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