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Introducing: Jenny Reitz Compère!

At Lemuel, we recognize and admit that one of our major failing points has been keeping up regular communications with our friends and donors. There are a few reasons for this, the greatest one probably being the undependable and exasperating nature of our internet access, which often severely inhibits our online communications.

In addition to internet woes, postal mailings are nearly impossible to send from the Plateau. Mailings would have to be prepared in advance (if that’s even an option), then be taken OUT to the US or Canada by a third party and mailed from there. Even this method has had its setbacks. On one particular occasion, I (Krischelle) went out armed with a stack of beautiful Lemuel postcards, hand wrote a quantity of thank you notes, and took them to the post office with a sigh of satisfaction. Imagine our mortification when many weeks later those post cards were all returned to us IN HAITI. The post office had mailed them to the Lemuel return address, which was printed on the back, instead of to the correct handwritten address.

And lastly, we simply lack human resources. Communicating takes TIME–especially considering the realities mentioned above–and we are spread thin.

However, we also are keenly aware that keeping in touch is a crucial and indispensable aspect of our relationship with YOU. We want you to know that this communications weakness in Lemuel has deeply troubled us for some time, and we sincerely apologize for it.

As we sought ways to tackle the difficulties we face in communications, God was working something out for us. Enter Jenny Reitz Compère!

Jenny actually did an internship with Lemuel in 1996, the year of its founding in Port-au-Prince. So really, Lemuel and Jenny go way back! Eventually, she became involved with a ministry called the House of Hope in the Northern Haitian town of La Pointe. A couple years ago, God began to make it clear to Jenny’s heart that it was time to pass the leadership of the House of Hope on to the Haitian staff. She did so this year, and she and her husband Djordjy moved back to Canada where she continues to serve the House of Hope in the area of Donor Relations and Development.

She has also offered her services to Lemuel in any way that she can. She will be helping us mail “Thank You” notes, keep the blog and Facebook updated when our internet is down, and handle other necessary communications or tasks that are better taken care of in the US/Canada.

We are excited for the possibilities that Jenny’s gracious services will open up. As you may receive communications signed by her or from her e-mail address, we are happy for this opportunity to introduce her to you.

We are so glad to have her on board: Welcome (back), Jenny!

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