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Only God

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

When you remember what the Plateau was, and you look at what is happening today, you must worship. Only God could do such a thing.

Last night in our prayer meeting, we spent some time marveling at the oasis of grace and hope that God has created on the Plateau in a very dark time.

In general, Haiti is not a place full of hope right now. Political instability, corruption, collapsing economy, and increasing mercenary gang warfare have made it all but impossible to dream, to plan, or even to barely survive.

Yet, as we talked, we were forcefully struck with the opportunities and blessings God has given to the people—and especially the youth and young adults—living on the Plateau.

Let me give you a little background: historically, a young person would want to escape their countryside home to go to the city (especially Port-au-Prince) in search of a better education, better job, and better life. The city was always a little more dangerous too. Today, however, many people who live in Port-au-Prince live in daily fear, knowing that when they go out to run errands, they could very well never come back. In some parts of the cities, flying bullets are almost as common as flying birds...maybe more so. Moreover, people who have spent years and money on university education cannot even find a simple job. Even those with jobs are struggling to get by with the drastic inflation.

By contrast, we look around us and we see…

J is a young woman born and bred on the Plateau. She has no university education and no previous experience. Yet, because of Manis, Judy, and others who have heavily invested in her, she has developed character and capacity that have allowed her to occupy one of the most vital and highly sensitive positions within Lemuel. She is able to have a secure job without having to leave her community or her family and live in vulnerability in the city.

B, D, M, and N are all young guys with the equivalent of “high school jobs” in our development department. These jobs help pay for their school, as well as teach them important character and skills such as hard work, responsibility, perseverance…and even things like how to use a Sawzall, how to build an awning, or how to care for tree seedlings. Even more, people like Manis and Williamso are constantly teaching and discipling them. Where would they be without this? At best, they might be simply wasting their time and lives wandering about the area doing nothing much. At worst, they might already be in the city and part of a gang.

Today, K made cookies at my house. She is part of the Girl’s Group (fòmasyon) run by Josiane. Earlier, she told me that in the past few weeks, she decided to try and make at home the coffee cake recipe she had learned in Josiane's training. Only, she doesn’t have an oven. So, she made it in an aluminum pot (known as a chodyè) over charcoal. “It turned out great!” she said, “So, I tried another one. That one turned out great too!”

Such a simple thing. Yet, really it’s not.

Without the work of God through Lemuel on the Plateau, K may never have learned that she was capable of doing anything that would be respected and appreciated by others. She may never have learned the creativity, initiative, and courage that it took to try something new - something that could have possibly failed. I cannot explain the guts that takes in this community.

What we are seeing today is huge. Through the work of Lemuel over the years, young people are beginning to see hope and possibility for their future right in their own community. (More about this in a post coming soon!) Update: 23 Sept 2020: Read that post here.

When you remember what the Plateau was, and you look at what is happening today, you must worship. Only God could do such a thing.

If you support Lemuel through your giving, prayers, time, encouragement, etc, : THANK YOU. I hope you are excited. You are a part of this.

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