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Plizye Fil, yon Sèl Kòd. / Many Strands, One Rope

On Friday, Manis held the General Assembly with all of our employees. These are important gatherings where we all come together to be reminded why Lemuel exists and how each department is to carry out that vision. They are also times for the departments to catch up with each other and to share what is happening; times for us to evaluate what is working and what is not.

Manis opened the assembly by looking at the lyrics of #194 Fransè Chants d'Esperance (a hymn in the Haitian hymnal) and meditating on Isaiah 58 to remind our staff of Lemuel's heart and reason for existing. The lyrics of #194 Fransè are very relevant to Lemuel's work, and it has become a sort of unofficial theme song. It opens with a question: Jesus has entrusted you with a work of love/Useful and blessed, until He returns./Do you want to accomplish this holy task for Him/ Without giving up, without weakening?...

After that, the departments had a chance to share updates and perspective with each other. (PS This is also a great chance for our leaders to develop their skills in preparing and organizing information for public speaking settings.)

Mèt Osselet and Mèt Wilnique share perspective from within the school.

Life and work in Haiti have become steadily more difficult over this past work year (Sept-June). Manis had the employees from each department meet together in groups to compile recommendations that they would give for next year---suggestions as to how Lemuel can support and encourage them in their work so that they can do it better.

Almaïs and the school staff

Williamso and the development staff

Dadithe and the ladies from the Support Office

Ronyl and the cafeteria staff

Our staff matters to us. Their perspective matters. Their lives matter. Their work matters.

Our unity matters. Each department or office is like one strand of the same rope.

That is why these times of coming together to remember our shared purpose--to remember that we are all in this together--and to resolve any challenges or problems are so important.

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