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Praying for water: Drilling starts TOMORROW

Drill rigs are ready and waiting.  Drilling team arrives tomorrow.


This morning in church, we set aside part of the service to pray specifically for the drilling this week…

We thanked God for all His provision…both for finances and for the people He has put in our path to help us.

We recognized that only He has brought us this far–through many obstacles and seeming impossibilities–and that He is the one in ultimate control of what happens next week.

We prayed for abundant and sweet water.

We prayed for safety for the drilling team.

We prayed for wisdom in decision making.

We prayed that these wells would cause people to glorify and acknowledge Jesus Christ–that even those who do not fear God would say, “There IS a God, and He cares about us.”

We prayed that God would do even more than we can ask or imagine.

We affirmed our faith in His power to do all things, in His love for us, in His goodness towards us, in His wisdom that is higher than ours.  And we prayed that our faith would remain firm, no matter what happens.

Please pray with and for us this week!

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