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Progress on School, Church and Kitchen!

Before I get started on the pictures and the updates on all that has been going on, I just wanted to remind you that you can now follow this blog through e-mail. A few hours after the blog is updated you will get an email with all the pictures and information… you don’t even have to go to the blog! To sign up just enter your email address in the section circled in this picture.

The Church: Church members have been giving money and materials for some time now in order to build a porch on the front of the church. Work started on Tuesday as they dug the placement for the foundation.

The School: The cisterns are almost finished!!!

The holes were dug out by hand… this one took only one week!

Gravel and rocks were poured in the bottom and then topped with rebar connecting the sides to a center post that will keep the walls from pulling away under the pressure of the water.

Mixing the cement powder with rocks, water, etc…

Pouring the cement mixture in the bottom

The bottom must all be poured in one day so that it doesn’t crack.

As a result, they had to work late into the night.

The second cistern. The beams are holding up the plywood used to hols in the cement when the pillars are poured.

The other cistern.

The Kitchen: Russ Finkbeiner, from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Canada, who came down twice already to help with roofs, wanted to make another trip to catch up with friends and keep up contact and relationships here. While here, he helped Sam almost finish the kitchen. (He also helped dig out the foundation for the church porch – see above picture) Instead of sanding all of this by hand, Russ is sending a sander that will make quick work of this big job. Then, all that is left is the counter tops and painting or varnishing!

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