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Rapid-fire #2: New Studies in the Chapel

On Sunday, we started a new series of lessons in the chapel!

Throughout this year, we will be taking a look at the effects of sin on every aspect of God's creation, along with God's plan to redeem and restore all things through Christ (see Ephesians 1:7-10, which are our theme verses).

We began this week by taking a look at the effects of sin on Man(kind) and his four key relationships: with God, with himself, with other people, and with Creation.

By the end of the illustration shown above, all the relationship links had been ripped in two and all the papers (except for Bondye, which represents God) had been crumpled to demonstrate how sin has ruined all things and broken all relationships. Poor Mezou looked a sad picture standing there with his crumpled papers (including the one on his head!) and dangling "relationships." Thanks be to God, He didn't leave us there!

Our young leaders will be a lot more involved in the chapel series this year. They will participate in preparations for the lessons, and they will be responsible for discussion groups.

There are several other elements planned for our chapel meetings, so we'll be telling you more about it throughout the year.

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