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Rapid-fire post #4: School Starting Soon!

School starts on Monday, and everyone is busily preparing the last details!

Kindergarten teachers are furiously cutting, laminating, glueing, and decorating.

Primary and middle school teachers are putting the final touches to their class schedules and lesson plans.

Third grade teacher, Mèt Billy, came back to work a few weeks early motivated by an earnest desire to fix up his classroom in a special way. Thanks to some help from a kind friend and donor, he was able to get some paint.

Not quite finished yet, but looking great!

During October, a friend from La Pointe, David, was able to come and build some benches, desks, and more for the school. In the process, he introduced a few of our young guys to some carpentry skills (fòmasyon!).

The Cafeteria staff are also getting ready for the new year with some training sessions about organization, food preparation, and servsafe practices. Below they are getting some tips from Roseline, a professional cook in Anse-Rouge.

First-day-of-school pictures coming soon!

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