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Rapid-fire Post #5: Box Truck at the Docks!!

The Box Truck finally made it to the docks in New York! I'll let Dave Muchmore tell you the story in his own words...


Yesterday (Oct 25th), Tyler, Randy and I headed out @12:45 to head to Robbinsville, NJ where the truck was waiting for us, and then continued with the truck to the docks – arriving there with just under an hour to spare before they closed at 5:00!!  The truck ran well – no issues for which we were very grateful.  Any significant delay would have caused us to miss being able to drop it off!!  Now we wait for final word – if by chance – we can still make this next ship on the 29th, or whether it will ship [in November].

Last week, Ginger wrote about praying with a praising heart. That was hard for me – even though I certainly understand and agree. I didn’t want to have to make – another – trip to the docks. I didn’t want to have to make dozens of calls throughout the week trying to manage from a distance where to try next to get the simple repair handled appropriately. I didn’t want to feel the stress and responsibility of making sure this truck got to the docks. But as I fought my way back day by day, I watched God answer our prayers with the truck finally repaired on Friday. And in spite of all the hassle and extra expense, the truck is in good shape to arrive in Haiti, and then make the tortuous road trip up to the Plateau. Now, we again commit this truck and all the precious cargo on it to the Lord, asking for his protection over everything – especially in the process of clearing customs on that end.


We received word that the truck did NOT make it on the October 29th boat. It will be shipped mid-November. Please continue to keep the Box Truck with its cargo and its "tortuous road trip to the Plateau" in your prayers!

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