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Soccer Camp and Harvest Festival

Goodness gracious! I started this post last week and then the internet cut out so I left it and just today remembered that I had never posted it! I am sorry it is so late!

Soccer Camp: Xhevat did such a great job with the soccer camp. The boys were so excited to have an activity just for them and an excuse to play soccer 🙂 They also liked getting water without having to go far to get it.

Stretching before they start…

Playing shirts versus skins

Xhevat talking with the boys.

After the first day Xhevat got the hang of how to do the water and was able to do it himself.

On the last day Xhevat had a surprise party for the boys. He brought jerseys for all the boys who attended the camp every day.

After a time of prayer…

…the boys got special drinks.

Then each one was presented with a certificate.

The ladies had prepared crackers with Nutella…

…and popcorn for the boys.

After all the food and formalities they had fun teaching each other dances.

Fete Moisson: We were so happy to have Bryon and Bonita Sparling, Amy Alexander and Xhevat Krasniqi with us this year for the harvest festival.

Packed Church

People standing outside. The porch is not finished yet so for now they used tarps for shade.

A visiting music group from another church sings a song.

The wife of long-time PauP staff member Wilson Cupidon, led the service.

PauP staff member Leon Cameus (behind Bryon), gave the message and then Bryon prayed the closing prayer while Sam translated.

Then the auctioning started! The first items up for auction were homemade coconut candy and plantains.

Intense bidding on a rooster.

Sam won some sugar cane.

The first of several goats to be auctioned.

Visitors from other churches heading home.

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