Staff Orientation

Well, it is Tuesday morning and pretty soon the school kids will being arriving!

The staff orientation went really well last week.

Manis reminded them of why Lemuel exists and what our vision and objectives are. He then shared how each of their jobs fit into that and how them doing their job well affects the ministry as a whole. On the second day he talked about what we expect from them in their relationship with the community.

Petion, who is in his third year of law school, spoke about their rights and obligations as a citizen of Haiti, and then as workers. It was quite enlightening for me as I sat in on the sessions! There is a lot in Haiti’s laws that is not actually followed 🙂

Lenique, our General Administrator, went over schedules and regulations. I gave the finance office principles that Krischelle had left and filled in with intros and segues here and there.

There was plenty of joking around and laughter on the breaks. Mezou seems to have steped into Thony’s shoes for teasing and making people laugh…

We had breakfast and lunch together each day.

We got some other ladies to come make the meals so that our cooks could participate in the orientation. It was so fun to see them getting to go through the buffet line and to be able to serve them for a change!

Pouring water for each other so they could wash their hands.

The buffet line (and Mezou so carefully pouring his bean sauce on his sorghum)

On Saturday, after a morning of work and preparation, we headed for the beach…

Our car left last as we were waiting for the ladies to finish frying the “pate”… it was a pretty full car! (There is another lady all the way in the back that you can’t see!)

Arriving at the beach.

Wiltha, Mme Celissa, and Mme Adrien trying to hold on to the branch that was their floating device.

Jinel with said branch.

Nadege got to use a bit more secure floating device… and had a blast with her new-found freedom.

Waiting in line…