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The Applied Classroom: Community Clean-up

This past Friday, the school did not hold regular classes.  Instead, they chose to teach through example and practice by participating in a community clean-up project.  All the school staff and teachers were there, along with the kids from fifth and sixth grade.  They worked during the morning, burning the piles of thorns and underbrush left by the project workers who had passed earlier in the week.

Leading by example: fourth grade teacher, Fleurima, carries large clumps of zebaflech (“arrow grass”) to serve as tinder for the fires…

…and a younger student follows in his footsteps.

Patricia (school receptionist) helps to oversee the fires.

First grade teacher, Rachelle, and administrative aide, Josiane, use shovels to compile the brush.

Fleurima and the sixth grade boys uproot metsiyen, a common weed.

School director, Almais, was hard at work with the rest of them.

Even our visitor, Kelly Heise, grabbed a shovel.  (More about her visit coming soon!)

This is how they all came back for lunch….I’d say they had a good time.

They certainly hadn’t lost their energy.

Nothing like clean hands and a good meal after a hard morning’s work.

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