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Valentine’s Day

Progress on the roof is going well! It was cloudy for quite a bit yesterday which was nice for the guys so they were not directly in the sun while on the roof. Today is pretty humid so please continue to pray for safety and health for the men as they work.

Jenna’s family arrived safely yesterday around noon and we were all excited to see them, but Jenna most of all. We had to say goodbye to Aaron (one of the men from the Canada team) yesterday and this morning Luke and Katie (two people from the Wisconsin team) left. We were sad to see them go but so thankful for Luke and Aaron’s help with the school roof and Katie’s help in the kitchen. The ladies really appreciated having her around. Katie spent four hours one day (Anke, Jenna, and Kelly helped for a bit too) shelling peanuts so the ladies could make peanut butter for all of us.

The Canada team brought dresses with them that a few ladies from their church made. We thought since yesterday was Valentine’s Day that it would be a great time to give the dresses to the girls at the school!

Here are the teacher’s picking out the dresses for their classes.

Some of the girls in their dresses.

They loved the dresses! Thank you to all who put the effort in to making these dresses, it was certainly appreciated!

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