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Visitors from Canada and a Latrine Update

I never thought I’d be writing so much about latrines 🙂

“Interdit aux Eleves” means Off-limits for Children

As the whole building slides into the hole it is now falling apart. We are grateful to have been able to get everything salvageable off while we still could.

The temporary latrine is almost done. There is a “stall” for teachers, one for the older children and one for the younger.

They even put a little shelf in the teachers’ stall for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. How cute 🙂

In other news, we have Russ and Josh from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Exeter, Ontario. They were delayed one day in getting up here because of the storm but got here Saturday safe and sound.

Laying out the truss pattern for the school roof.

Yesterday they put the gutters on Manis’ office (green building in the background) and fixed some issues with the church doors. They also had a basketball game with some of the guys and Russ gave little karate lesson 🙂 This morning they are laying out a truss pattern for the school roof. When we are able to continue with that project, all the guys here will have to do is copy the pattern.

I have conscripted Russ and Josh to be guest bloggers this week so you will be hearing from them soon.

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