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Grade Sponsorship


17 Sponsors per grade ​· $40 per month

Educate a generation · Impact a community · Change lives

By joining 17 sponsors to a grade, Lemuel is able to meet the unique educational needs in Plateau Anse-Rouge without undermining self-respect or creating unhealthy dependence. Grade sponsorship funds cover the costs of staff salaries, a nutritious meal during the school day for the students and the staff, and other costs of running the school. Our grade sponsorship program does not pay tuition or purchase school materials for individual children.

In order to be sustainable and respect the dignity of the community in which we work, we do require a level of financial participation from our parents. The cost to attend EML is very low so as to be affordable to families in our context – approximately $1.50 US per month per child.

To learn more, check out our Sponsorship Brochure.


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1. Educate a generation

17 sponsors give


Our students receive an  education, a hot meal, hope for the future, and an opportunity to explore a life of faith.

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2. Impact a community

The community takes pride, benefits economically through jobs at the school and higher levels of education, hope flourishes,  and families stay together.

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3. Change lives

Teachers are encouraged, employment helps the family unit, hope is shared, and learners flourish.

Blocks available:

Kindergarten 1 (age 3):  3 blocks 

Kindergarten 2 (age 4):  2 blocks 

Kindergarten 3 (age 5):  3 blocks

Grade 1:  3 blocks


Grade 2:  1 blocks


Grade 3:  2 blocks

Grade 4:  2 blocks


Grade 5:  2 blocks   


Grade 6:  4 blocks

Grade 7:  2 blocks

Grade 8:  2 blocks

Grade 9:  2 blocks

*Due to the current security and financial situation in Haiti we have added 2 blocks to each grade to help cover the costs for this year.

To Set Up Sponsorship:

To set up your donation for the Lemuel Grade Sponsorship Program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to                             

  2. Follow the instructions to set up a credit card donation.

  3. In the box to designate donations for a PARTNER, type "Lemuel Ministries Grade Sponsorship."

(For Canada donations, click here. Select Lemuel Ministries from the drop down menu, and type "Grade Sponsorship" in the message box.​)

Our Grade Sponsorship Package.

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