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School in Session!

The opening of school was delayed for a week, due to the effects of the gas crisis. The bus that transports teachers and students from Anse-Rouge was unable to get to the Plateau from Port-au-Prince, where it was being repaired.

Despite the fact that the situation did not improve, we could not continue to delay. It has been a challenging week for many of our teachers and students who have had to come by foot or motorcycle from long distances, especially since some water came down the big ravine, creating a muddy mess to cross. The bus is still stuck in Port-au-Prince. There is still no gas available (at least not anywhere near us)...or what is available is astronomically expensive and very often diluted with some substance to make it stretch farther. Mèt Osselet, our director of pedagogy, paid 1000 gourdes on Monday for one gallon of gas to put in his motorcycle to come to work. The usual price in our area is 244-275 gourdes.

But we all press on together!

School began on Monday with a special chapel to commit the year to the LORD.

Headed to class!

First grade AND first week of primary school!

Third grad organizes notebooks.

Third Grade Class

First day of fourth grade!

Fourth Grade Class

Sixth grade getting serious with some Creole exercises.

Seventh grade having Bible class.

Our first class of ninth graders!

School Office

Meanwhile in the Kindergarten...

Kindergarten 1

The contrast of expressions in this photo cracks me up.

Kindergarten 2 was busy coloring.

Kindergarten 3

A lesson (with a song!) in washing hands.

Headed home.

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