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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

WE ARE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS seeking to demonstrate His love by reaching out to the needs around us in a way that empowers and maintains dignity.

We believe the Gospel brings a redemption to all areas of life now, and we strive to live that out. But, we also seek to prioritize what is eternal. As we reach out with Christ’s love in practical, tangible ways -- responding to the needs and brokenness around us as we believe He would -- we clearly share the message of Christ with our community.

How? When?

  • in gatherings of our staff, not all of whom are Christians

  • on Sunday mornings when we meet together with our local group of believers and professed believers in the Lemuel chapel

  • in leadership development with our leadership staff

  • in training groups and community meetings

  • one on one with individuals on our staff or in our community

We share Christ's love and message as we share life day after day, month after month, year after year with the people of our community.

Do all respond? No. But in those who do, we invest more deeply, striving to develop leaders who can continue reaching out to those around them with the same love and message wherever they are.

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