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Dear Friends,

We continue to receive bits and pieces of information but still cannot get in touch with anyone from Lemuel. We are hearing of massive destruction and loss of life. The national palace has been pretty much destroyed, the Bible School on the campus where Lemuel is collapsed, and we are hearing of lots of other government buildings, businesses and homes that have been reduced to rubble.

We just got word that the Lemuel house is still standing – praise GOD! We are assuming that means that everyone in the house is fine too. We have also heard that the multi story building where one of our youth (Samuel Bernard) lived collapsed. We have not yet heard if he was inside. We can only imagine, if more stable buildings have fallen, what the shanty towns all over Port-au-Prince must be like. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people live in those shacks and makeshift brick homes.

Please continue to pray. It is hard to even imagine what Port-au-Prince must be like this morning. We are working now on thinking through how we will address the massive amount of need that we will face as people begin to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and move on. We so appreciate the many, many of you who have asked how you can help. We will provide more details soon.

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