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And speaking of water holes...the "Tractor!"

We have a backhoe, friends! In April, we were able to purchase a backhoe loader, as well as a flatbed truck on which to transport it.

It is currently sitting in Lancaster awaiting shipping.

This is the tractor our community started raising funds for a few years ago. They raised the equivalent of over 1000US towards the project! With the help of many of YOU, we were able to raise the rest of the purchasing funds.


Now, we need to raise the remaining funds for shipping and customs.

For more information about the tractor project, you can click on the links below:


Click here to donate to the "Tractor Project." Be sure to designate your gift "Lemuel Tractor."

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1 Comment

Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith
Jul 21, 2019

WOW!! How exciting is this?? So happy for your community, Krischelle! Way to go, God!! The yearbook is amazing...great pics! thanks for keeping me in the loop...

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