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Just some pictures...

A few pictures to share what hard work and rain have been accomplishing on the DDL campus...

Wide shot from entrance gate.

Luccene was inspired to try this experimental garden next to the offices by techniques he learned at the seminar on syntropic agriculture.

pomegranate trees going crazy next to the shade house

seeds and seedlings

Dreaming of mangoes and coconuts...

"Shadehouse" #2

new garden plot

Right now, all you can see in the photo above are the millet and sorghum plants. What you cannot see are the small trees planted throughout. The trees are the end goal, but in the meantime, we are growing other things as well. The exciting thing about this plot is that it has been watered from the big water hole using canals and a water pump. This is an experiment in what we dream of eventually being able to do for area farmers on a larger scale.

Ok, technically this is taken right outside the DDL campus...but, I like it. :)

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