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At the docks!

The tractor is at the docks awaiting shipping!

Dave, Derek, and Chuck had a little adventure getting it there when one of the tires blew out on the flatbed.

To be safe, we replaced all four tires (which had been re-treaded). We are thankful this didn't happen on the road in Haiti!

On June 8th, we held a meeting with community leaders on the Plateau.

The "Tractor Committee" updated everyone on the progress and talked a little bit about initial plans for its arrival.

Manis told the leaders: "We're not here to make nice sounding speeches. We've come to listen to you. We respect you. We're here to serve you...And we work together according to what you want."

Other community leaders got up and shared words of encouragement, as well as suggestions.

The tractor is scheduled to ship on June 22nd. Our next meeting with the community leaders will be when it arrives on the Plateau! Please keep this whole process in your prayers. Haiti is very unstable right now, and there are lots of logistical details to pull together.

If you are interested in donating to the tractor project, we still need about $8000 to cover a bit of a deficit in estimated customs costs, plus initial parts and maintenance costs. Click here for more details.

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