Catching up on LOTS of good stuff!

Trying to find internet signal these days has been like playing Marco Polo with someone who has teleportation powers. I win for now! But who knows for how long. So, let me try to catch you up in one fell swoop while I can on the events at the end of June.

There is LOTS of good stuff here, so keep scrolling! I don't know when I'll get the chance to post again.

Our "work year" runs roughly from Aug/Sept to June, after which comes a brief "vacation" (aka, limited activity) for the month of July, when everyone tries to catch their breath and regroup for the next year.

The school was the first to wrap the 2018-2019 year with their end of the year program on Sunday, June 23:

Presenting: this year's graduating class of Kindergartners!

The laureate of the graduating kindergarten class giving a speech in French.

One of the graduates leading a prayer.

The school choir--organized by Mèt Simon--performing a song..

A dance being performed by the little ladies from Kin 3.

Mèt Almaïs' little one reciting a verse!

Thony created a multi-grade skit based on the story of the Prodigal Son. You can see a short, rough-cut version below, Cheetohs and all!

Mèt Almaïs gave a farewell speech as the director of the school. He and his family will be moving to an area south of Port-au-Prince, so he will not be with us on the Plateau next year (more about that below).

School admin and teachers watch the program from the sidelines as kids prepare for their performances in the back room.

Kindergarten aid, Nadege, and her son enjoying the program.

Mèt Billy is a favorite with the kids!

The following Friday (June 28), DDL held their employee party:

Some of the kids and young guys that Williamso invests in were there to help serve and to present a spoken word text that they have been preparing (see photo below).

After a few games and words about the year...

...they closed with a fun bonfire. On the Plateau, the roasting menu often includes corn, sweet potatoes, fish, hot dogs, and a simple dough to make a kind o flat bread.

Finally, we held our closing thanksgiving service on Sunday morning (June 30).

There were 4 essential parts of the program:

First, we reviewed what we have been learning on Sunday mornings this year with our local group of believers. This included a panel of young leaders who shared their thoughts on HOW our faith is the answer to the seemingly hopeless situation confronting Haiti's youth at this time.

The conclusion? We trust in WHO God is, not in a certain, preferred result for our lives. Our faith in His character and His promises to us in Jesus are what give us hope and keep us going, even when our life circumstances are not what we would choose.

The second major section of the service was a presentation by Josiane and her girls/ladies. They shared all that they had learned during the year including recipes, crochet, and embroidery.