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Day by Day: Tuesday, March 17

Nap pare pou dlo! (Getting ready for water!) This morning I (Krischelle) heard Apipa already hard at work on the tractor in the dark at 5:30. The wind, the dust, the dry earth, the thirsty animals, and the beaten trees clinging to their yellowed leaves for dear life = March. This is the time to dig water reservoirs. The water will come. And the water holes are waiting to receive more water than they have ever held before. The photo above is of the "new" water hole that we started working on a little over a year ago. Maya (a yellow lab) sits in it to show scale as the tractor continues working nearby. Below is a panoramic shot that I took as the dry wind whipped me with dirt.

The photos below show the "big" water hole, which we have been expanding for several years. Both Djeffson and Maya are in it to give an idea of scale. The tractor only recently finished cleaning out the sections that had dried out last and adding a foot or two to the reservoir's depth. The last Temporary Work Program expanded the hole significantly. Good thing too. When it has water, it provides for people and animals from many surrounding communities.

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