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First Day of School

The long-awaited day is now past. It was such a joy to see all the children in their bright new uniforms and all the teachers going above and beyond to receive their students with joy and excitement.

The first children to arrive… about half an hour early!

Some of the children do not have their uniforms yet.

Looking pretty in their new uniforms.

As parents arrived with their children our kindergarten staff (Lovelie pictured in uniform) took their children to their specially prepared classrooms…

…and Petion verified each uniform.

Taking the kindergarteners to their classrooms.

The kinder teachers spent hours decorating yesterday and this morning to prepare for their students

Lovelie taking her students to their seats.

The primary school also welcomed their students.

At 8:00 the first flag of the year was raised.

The staff shared a few words and sang and prayed with the children.

Then they filed into their classroom while some of the parents looked on.

Our 2013-2014 School Staff

Our Kinder teachers (L to R) Lovelie, Patricia, and Kattia

Kattia teaches the 3 year-olds in Kindergarten 1: “The Ants”

Lovelie teaches Kindergarten 2: “The Bees”

Patricia teaches Kindergarten 3: “The Butterflies”

She is also Kindergarten Supervisior.

Not pictured: Nadege is the Kidergarten helper. I somehow missed her this morning.

Bergeline, winner of the best teacher award last year, will be teaching First Grade. Her students received backpacks, school books, and school materials as a gift from the school upon graduation from Kindergarten. They received them today.

Wiltha is teaching Second Grade.

She is also the supervisor for the Primary School

Mezou (bio in process!) will be filling in for Third Grade until we find a permanent teacher.

The teacher we had lined up decided at the last minute not to come.

Andiose is teaching Fourth Grade.

Wilnique is teaching Fifth Grade.

Osslet is our Sixth Grade teacher this year. In addition to teaching, he will be supervising the pedagogy of the school and making sure the teachers are teaching what needs to be taught.

Mme Tiferne is again responsible for cleaning

and making water available for washing hands and drinking.

Regilien is returning in his role of gate-keeper.

Mme Adrien and Mme Wisly are our school cooks.

Mme Celissa and Mme Gulbert are responsible for the Lemuel house.

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