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God is faithful: An update on the box truck

The box truck was supposed to arrive at the docks this past Saturday. What a day that was! Things did not go as planned. Lemuel co-founder Ginger Muchmore offers some perspective on the events of that day...

Dear friends,

It was several months ago when we asked you to pray that we would find the right box truck to send to Haiti.  As He loves to do, God answered above and beyond what we could have imagined.  Not only did we find a place where we could have the truck "made to order" but the owner drove it to our yard.  These are the times when you are overwhelmed with God's provision.  Our praising hearts gave way to unbounded joy.  

Then we got the response to "fill the box".  So many of you provided needed items for the ministries on the plateau.  The Prime drivers arrived with box after box after box.   As we began to fill the truck with the roofing, small tractor, precious supplies from all of you and added treats for those serving there, our praising hearts once again led to unbounded joy.  It was so easy for us to pray from a praising heart because our ever-faithful God had poured out His blessing. 

The day for taking the truck to the docks was fast approaching and we were without a driver.  We have two wonderful drivers who have helped us so much in time past.  But, they were unable to make the trip due to various reasons.  Once again, we asked you to pray and once again our faithful God provided.  Tyler Paulson is a young 27-year-old who drives for Fed Ex.  He heard about our need and jumped at the challenge.  Little did he know then just what a challenge it would prove to be.  

Yesterday, October 16, was the day the truck was to go to the docks.  Dave, Brad and Tyler were full of anticipation of the adventure ahead for them.  With a truck in tip-top shape, a full tank of diesel fuel and a prayer, they pulled out of our yard at 6:45 am.  As they left, I prayed for their safety.  

At 7:30, we got this picture ....  the wheel slipped on the hub and ripped out the valves stems, the right rear tires were flat! But, Dave assured us that a repair truck was on the way.  And this happened at a rest area on the turnpike.  So, while we were sorry for the delay, we were praising God that this happened on the PA turnpike and not on the mountain road to the plateau.  Before long, they were on their way again.  

Then, at 1pm, when they should have been pulling into the docks, the truck died.  The truck was out of fuel.  This is a serious problem when you have a diesel.  Guess what?   The gas gauge doesn't work ...     Now the wait for another service truck to bring them fuel ... Finally, after a long wait, he arrived.  Oops ... to his dismay, there was no fuel in any of his fuel cans.  Wait, are we in the US?  Brad and Tyler jumped into Dave's pick-up truck and headed out to find a Wal Mart that could sell them 4 fuel cans and then a place to fill them with diesel fuel.  All this time, Dave is in contact with the docks.  The lady kept assuring him that they would be waiting for him. But they would close at 5:00pm.

At long last, the truck had fuel ... Now to clear the fuel line and get on their way . . . OH NO!!!!!  The battery died.  The same service truck came back with a battery pack, the truck started and would run -- but not as it should.  There was no way they were going to get to the docks by 5 o’clock. 

Exhausted, discouraged, and ready to be home, they called a tow truck.  Our miracle truck finally ended up at a very nice garage where it will rest until Dave gets a call that it is road worthy.  At 11pm, they arrived home.  

What happened!!!  Where was that faithfulness that gave way to unbounded joy?   Once again, I had to realize how I define faithfulness by the choices I want.   Years ago, after a terrible hurricane, Manis and I visited a young mom named Wilda.  She had lost everything.  Sitting in the midst of the rubble that had been her small stick-and-mud home, she prayed for Manis.  Her prayer began, "Lord, we come to you, not because we understand, but because You have never been anything but faithful."  Remembering her prayer reminded me that God's faithfulness is not defined by my wants but by His character.  

We don't understand ... but we can trust Him ...   Continue to pray from a praising heart ... not because this makes sense, but because we serve a God whose very character is Faithfulness.  The mechanic shop has been very helpful and the docks are waiting for the truck to get it on the ship leaving the end of the month.  So, we have much to thank Him for and much to draw our hearts to unbounded joy.

And there is still a prayer request.  If this truck is to make the next ship heading to Haiti on Oct 29, we will need to get it to the docks this next week.  Please pray with us for its timely repair.



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