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Help us share Josiane's story...

We are over half-way to reaching our Kickstarter goal for the documentary! THANK YOU to all of you who have visited the page, shared the news, and supported the project!

During filming, Nate interviewed Josiane, who has grown up on the Plateau. She remembers what things were like before God brought Lemuel to work in the area.

In this behind the scenes photo, the film crew captures Josiane's perspective as Judy translates.

Because of Lemuel's investment in her life, she has grown from a timid, fearful youth with little to no hope for her future, into a mature and godly young woman making many important contributions to her community. Most importantly, she has a heart to reach out to other girls and women to share God's love and teach them useful skills.

"Just as someone invested in me and gave me a chance to learn and grow and develop, I want to do that for other women. I want them to know that God loves them and they have value. And I want them to learn skills that can help them survive and have a better future and even reach out to others around them." Josiane
This past Saturday, Josiane's program reaching out to women and young girls had its first session for the year. In addition to learning how to make new recipes (such as French bread, pictured here), the ladies have studies from God's word and classes in crochet, embroidery, social skills.

Help us to share Josiane's story and others like it. We hope it will encourage those who already partner with us and will inspire others to join us. We hope it will make a difference in how people SEE and reach out to those in need around them.

Less than 9 days left!

Join the project at

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