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Her first time in “Sweet Water”

Hospitality Staff “Outing”

Early Friday morning our hospitality staff traveled to a beach resort just outside of Port – au-Prince. For some of our staff this was their FIRST time to really leave the area. First time to travel on the bigger roads and to see some of the larger cities.

Seeing a MONKEY for the first time!

Our staff have learned skills to serve and host others…it was our desire for them to know what it was like to BE SERVED! They observed what it was like to be received and welcomed to a clean room, clean bathroom and clean yard. One noticed that there were men serving in the restaurant and that it wasn’t just women that worked in the kitchen or service area. Others noticed how they felt there was no discrimination between whites, blacks, or status. Everyone was served equally.

HISTORICThe resort, Mulin Sur Mer was built on a old sugar cane plantation. A museum tour gave our ladies an education in their history of slavery and how they gained their freedom.

Then she stood in Sweet Water!

Mme Robert has spent her whole life on the Plateau. This was not her first time to be in the ocean but when she got into the pool she looked at me and said,”If we had this much water on the Plateau we would all be OK! Look how much “sweet water” I am standing in!”

Her amazement to see so much fresh water again was a reminder that we have no idea what it would be like to grow up in a place where water is so scarce and every day is a battle for the basic necessities for life!

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