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How Christmas Light Shines...

23 Dec 2019

This has been a dark year for Haiti. But the Light that came into the world at Christmas still shines in the darkness. His love shines through His people all over the world. It shines as we care for the weak and hurting. It shines as we radiate his peace and joy in a chaotic and angry world. It shines as we live our lives to God’s glory and with love for our fellow man.

On the Plateau this year, it will be shining through Modelene and Rose-Mitha as these two young ladies host a Christmas party for their neighbors. It will shine through a cash-for-work program that allows people in our community to provide for their families during these especially difficult times. It will shine as our teachers leave their privileged positions and get their hands dirty to fix a dangerous section of road. It will shine in a little Christmas program for the boys and girls in the training classes run by Williamso and Josiane.

"The Light that came into the world at Christmas still shines in the darkness."

Due to the situation in Haiti over the last few months, there is much we won’t be able to do this Christmas. But we pray that in all that we are able to do, Christ’s love will shine through us and draw those living in darkness to Himself.

Thank you for helping us shine! May God bless you and may you have a very merry Christmas!

~Manis, Judy, Krischelle, Brad, Danyel, and all the Lemuel staff

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