Impacting Lives Every Day: Snapshots

Lemuel's heart is for people. We believe people are eternal. Much of the activity we do and the infrastructure we build is not only an outreach of love to meet the needs of others in Jesus' name, but is the framework -- the context -- for INVESTING IN PEOPLE in His name as well.

Investing in people is a personal interaction. It happens every day. Sometimes through routine activities. Sometimes through special events. I would go so far as to say, it happens mostly in the little things...the daily things...the life-on-life things.

Investing in people is a torch to be passed. We invest in people so they can invest in others. We empower them and push them forward, so that they can teach "other trustworthy people who will be able to pass [these things] on to others." (2 Tim 2:2)

What does this kind of impact in lives look like? In the post below, I would like to share with you some examples -- snapshots, if you will -- from every day life over the past several weeks.

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Girls Fòmasyon began in November! Every Saturday a group meets to learn skills like macramé, crochet, new recipes, and paper flowers. They also have a Bible study and a few other sessions. The ladies are divided into three groups:

Little girls...

learning to make paper flowers
Mme Celisa shows Abi how to make plantain chips.

Teenage/young adult girls...

learning new crochet techniques with thread

And adult ladies...

learning to make granola

One thing particularly touching this year has been the seamless collaboration between the groups. Josiane has formed a few of the most active teenage girls into a committee. They are very involved in teaching and helping the little girls, as well as in helping Josiane get ready for the classes (cleaning, set-up, etc). This allows for more concentrated investing in a smaller group, who then magnify the impact of the classes to the others. One Saturday, I went over to take some pictures. All three groups happened to be there at once, and there was an inspiring spirit of joy and mutual support among all the ladies, young and older.

Remember the order of investing --> empowering --> passing it on?

Judy is investing the art of making paper flowers into Modelene and Kesline. She is empowering them and pushing them to the front to teach the art. And they are passing it on to the other youth and little girls in the classes.

And these guys!

Along with the young men who have had part-time jobs at DDL for the last year or two (you've seen them in posts before), Mezou has also taken a small group of guys from the community under his wing (some of them are pictured all together above).

Atley always opens the gate with a smile.
Mezou takes a moment to sit and encourage one of the young men as he does his work.

It is hard to express the impact this opportunity can have in their lives. As Mezou was sharing with me (Krischelle) earlier, it's not just about giving them a way to earn some money for their very real needs. It is a way to teach them how to live well, how to work well, how to lead well. Our other young leaders like Mezou and Djeffson pass on what has been invested in them to help these guys make better choices in life.