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In the works for next year: a school supplies store!

Almost everyone is familiar with the yearly ritual of buying school supplies for the start of a new school year. Here on the Plateau, it can be difficult to find all the supplies that are needed. What cannot be obtained in Anse-Rouge requires a trip to Gonaives, which creates additional hassles and travel costs for parents.

Next year, we hope to establish a school supplies store. Our hope is that the new school store will accomplish two objectives:

1. It will make school supplies more easily accessible and affordable for parents and students.

2. It will provide Lemuel's school with self-sustaining, supplemental income for operating costs and special activities.

As an initial investment to launch the store, we would like to collect as many of the school supplies as possible in the US and ship them to Haiti. Using the income from this first stock, we hope to continue purchasing product in country. We are planning to send a container at the end of May/beginning of June, so there will be another opportunity to "Fill the Box!"

More details to come soon!

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