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Investing in People Never Stops

The new rhythms of life and ministry have made that even more vivdly apparent to me these days.

As we often repeat, investing in people is at the heart of what we do. Compelled by the love and commission of Jesus, investing in people is where we find our greatest joy.

And investing in people goes on...even when school closes. Even when formal programs (like fòmasyon) are suspended and we can't meet all together in the chapel on Sundays. Even when the regular "machinery" (ie, the usual systems in place) is temporarily shut down.

Yes, of course, the structures, the jobs, the projects, the activities...they are all very important. They facilitate us in reaching out with Christ's love to real needs. Without them, people in our community do not have available water. They do not have the same access to quality education. They do not have a way to support their families. They do not have essential support--the hand up they need--to work hard to develop their community.

But even when these things grind to a halt, investing in people goes on. See below.


As mentioned in a previous post, Williamso has taken in hand a group (less than 10, of course!) of young guys who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the campuses. But this is far more than just a "Plan B" for grounds care. In living and working together, they are learning many subtle but significant life and leadership skills that I can't even list here. Not only is Williamso pouring into them personally, but he has created spaces for them to learn specific things from other investors as well, such as cooking/baking, computer skills, music, and Biblical Truth through a study of Philippians (which our chapel small groups are reading through the month of April).

Sunday morning. Sharing a meal (which they prepared) before diving into Philippians.

Modelene taking her knowledge of bread making and sharing it with the guys. They have even experimented with a solar oven!

Obed is back from Port-au-Prince and teaching the computer class.

A few of our young ladies are also participating.

Band practice, as they call it. 😃

Investing also happens on the individual level as each of us reach out to those around us as we have opportunity. For example:

Djeffson teaches Rosemitha how to use the pressure washer to wash vehicles.

Lisemane and Amelia come to my house periodically throughout the week, where we work together on various tasks. This is an example of how investing happens through life on life--building relationships; taking opportunities as they come to exhort, to correct, to speak truth. All of us are involved like this with individuals to varying degrees. Manis works with Rolmy, Sebyen, Jean-Tony, (and practically all the others mentioned in this post). Judy works with Josiane, Modelene, Wilda, and others again. These aren't programs. They are life-on-life relationships through which investing happens.

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